Acty is a remote assistance software in Augmented Reality dedicated to industrial, production and field service companies. Compared to competing products, Acty stands out because it solves the specific problems of companies that manufacture machinery and perform field maintenance. With the following add-ons, you can get a configuration perfectly suited to your company’s needs:

Smart Glasses

Acty’s remote assistance software integrates perfectly with industrial smart glasses. Acty is compatible with all major models of industrial smart glasses on the market, via an app available for Android and iOS/iPhone.

Learn more about Smart Glasses

Integration with third-party software

Acty can be linked to the software already present in the company:

  • Corporate Web Portals: if you already have your own web support portals, you can integrate them into Service Hub. The customization of this tool is comprehensive.
  • API Integration: this add-on allows you to connect Acty to your company’s CRM or Ticketing system. You can use the APIs provided by Acty to independently develop integration activities with your software.
  • Salesforce Integration: a dedicated module allows for easy incorporation of the Acty interface within Salesforce, to work on a single platform.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Integration: an additional module to easily activate the integration and bring all data and multimedia files of the support sessions within your Microsoft Dynamics system.
  • Other integrations: Deskoala, Zapier, etc… let’s talk about it!

Customization of graphical interface and White Label

Acty can be configured to use your company’s colors and logo within the App and the web interface. Various levels of graphical interface customization are available:

  • Skin Web: customization of colors and logo in the Acty web application that is used via browser by those receiving assistance.
  • Skin App: customization of colors and logo within the running Acty App (iOS and Android). Users download Acty and, within the App, see your logo.
  • Skin Expert and PDF: customization of the operator’s screens that provide assistance. With the purchase of this add-on, the customization of the PDF Report with the addition of the company logo is included.
  • Clone App iOS and/or Android: allows you to create a dedicated App for iOS and/or Android that is published in Apple’s and/or Google’s App Store with the company’s brand and name.



Online training: organize a training webinar. On-site training: organize a course at your location.


To understand how the service should be structured. Analysis of the as-is and proposal for the to-be.


A connector is available that allows you to store assistance photos and videos on: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google.

Find out how Acty can perfectly adapt to your company

Each industrial reality, especially in Italy, has its own history. Get in touch: our consultants will show you the features of Acty that best meet your remote assistance needs.

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