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To achieve a complete hands-free visual assistance experience, Acty is compatible with the best smart glasses models on the market. It offers a dedicated App for AR Smart Glasses (available for Android, iOS, and Windows), and has a feature list to ensure maximum interaction during remote assistance with virtual and real-time elements simultaneously.

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Smart Glasses

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RealWear Smart Glasses - Acty
Iristick Smart Glasses - Acty
Ecom Instruments - Pepperl+Fuchs
Epson Smart Glasses - Acty
Vuzix Smart Glasses - Acty
Google Glass Smart Glasses - Acty

Why use smart glasses software for augmented reality

Work hands-free with smart glasses

The field technician equipped with AR smart glasses will work better with an extra hand. Acty is compatible with the best models on the market.

Increased safety in risky environments

By working hands-free and fitting the smart glasses with helmets and safety accessories, the field technician will work in a safe environment without distractions.

Remote guidance in Augmented Reality (AR)

Use Acty with your smart glasses and provide remote instructions with arrows, symbols, text, and 3D objects directly on the field technician's screen.

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