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Acty proposes itself as the ideal solution in the field of remote support for companies looking for remote assistance software. It offers an App dedicated to AR smart glasses (available for Android, iOS, and Windows), and has a list of features to ensure maximum interaction and an Augmented Reality able to surprise. Relying on Acty you will be able to use every day a precise and extremely accurate tool to improve your business. Discover all the smart glasses compatible with Acty!

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Smart Glasses

Features of AR Glasses

Work hands-free with AR smart glasses

The field technician equipped with smart glasses will work better with an extra hand. Acty is compatible with the best models on the market.

Remote guidance in Augmented Reality (AR)

Make use of our AR platform by applying pointers, arrows, or sketches directly to the on-site technician’s screen. Reduce miscommunication and provide contextual instructions.

Break down language barriers

Translate from your language to your partner’s and back from the application. Save time and frustration with this built-in functionality.

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