Marchesini Group enhances its service with Acty and Epson Smart Glasses

Marchesini Group: Acty e Epson Smart Glasses

It is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to invest in digitalization in order to guarantee continuous and efficient assistance to customers: Marchesini Group has boosted its virtual technologies by focusing on Acty Augmented Reality and Epson Smart Glasses, a choice that proved to be a winner and made the difference when the lockdown arrived.

Marchesini Group manufactures stand-alone packaging machines and complete production lines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, exporting 90% of its machinery to Europe, China, the USA, and Latin America, with a turnover of over 430 million.

Challenges in Marchesini

  • Customers and machines are located in dozens of countries
  • Difficulty communicating problems and information through existing technology
  • Inability to resolve issues quickly and accurately

“The Epson smart glasses in combination with Acty have gone far beyond remote assistance: in the midst of a medical emergency, they have proven to be an essential tool that has also allowed us to perform various tasks that we previously performed with the technician on site.”

Mirko Ballo – Customer Care Director, Marchesini

Benefits with Acty and Epson smart glasses

  • Improved first-time fix rates
  • Reduced resolution time
  • More productive, efficient and scalable support
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Remote mentoring of new technicians
  • Accelerated technical training
  • Lower service and support costs
Giorgio Nepa CEO

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