Software Information

How does the free trial work?

What benefits does Acty offer over WhatsApp?

What is the coverage of Acty servers?

Does Acty work on the Asian continent and in China?

Does the field operator receiving assistance need to download the app?

How much data traffic is consumed during a service?

Is it possible to decrease bandwidth consumption?

What happens if the customer is low on bandwidth?

How do you conduct onboarding activities?

Hardware Information

What compatible devices can the expert use to give assistance?

What devices can the operator use in the field?

Which smart glasses are compatible with Acty?

What devices support AR?


What are Acty’s subscription plans?

What is the difference between the Named license and Acty’s Floating license?

How many remote experts can use an Acty license?

Can the expert use Acty from different PCs?

Can I optimize license usage for all my locations?

How do I enable Acty for a new colleague? Do they have to use your email address?

Do my field workers or customers need to purchase Acty?

Does the field operator using smart glasses need to have an Acty license?


Can I customize the Acty app?

Can I create a custom app with my brand?

I need to customize the service. Can I request it?

Is it possible to insert Acty into an app that is already built?

Basic Use

How does a field operator connect to the remote expert?

Can I invite the field operator to download the Acty app?

Do I need to download the app to use Acty?

Is there a function to translate sent and received messages in real time?

Advanced Use

Can I retrieve service transaction data and organize it into a report?

How is assistance data stored?

Is it possible to link Acty to a CRM?

Can I organize my experts into departments of expertise or working groups?

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