How to start a visual remote support

remote support in ar - acty

Connect to the operator

Choose the option you prefer. Send a web-based Acty login link (Web Expert) and start support without installing anything. Or use the application.

remote support in ar - acty

Frame the problem

Connect to smart glasses or the operator's mobile device in the field, wherever you are, and watch what happens.

remote support in ar - acty

Support your customer

Provide the directions you need. With augmented reality features, draw and annotate instructions directly in the operator's field of view. Don't speak the same language? Take advantage of simultaneous translations. Have a doubt? Invite a more experienced colleague to collaborate.

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Web Expert
Acty is already in your pocket

With Acty, make and receive visual remote support on the device of your choice, without downloading anything. It frees you and your technician from the need to download the Acty application to enjoy all the video assistance functions available. Thanks to Web Expert, you can also use Acty in full from the web browser in the smartphone in your pocket.

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Features Highlights

Indications in Augmented Reality

Draw and annotate real-time and remote directions, arrows, shapes, signs and text, directly in the field operator’s field of view.

Translation in real-time

The expert can set his own language and that of the customer to send chat messages that will be automatically translated and displayed by Acty in over 60 languages.

Screen Sharing

Any page on the PC that contains an application (pdf, web, cad, etc) can be shared on the screen of the connected device to support operations.

Use Smart Glasses

Collaborate in video assistance with Acty hands-free. Smart glasses allow you to wear your device without holding it in your hand.

Video Recording and Photo

Record video of the assistance through the camera on your smartphone, tablet, or smart glasses, creating training pills or evidence of work done.


Simultaneously connect multiple experts during video assistance for comprehensive support. Everyone will be able to see, speak and provide annotations.

Report in PDF

Download the service report in PDF, analyze the data and make decisions to improve your service. Also useful as proof of work done.

White Label

For companies interested in valorizing their brand, Acty proposes different types of customization of the App that can adapt to every single business need.