Acty will partecipate in MECSPE 2022

Acty - MECSPE 2022

This June 9th -11th, Acty will be in Bologna for the 20thᵃ edition of MECSPE, the leading manufacturing industry trade fair dedicated to innovative technologies.

A turning point for the manufacturing sector

The Italian manufacturing industry has reached a turning point. Despite the current difficulties related to the shortages of raw materials and energy price increases, the latest Istat data shows a slight increase in manufacturing business confidence (+0.2%) and industry turnover of +20.9% year-on-year. This growth would never have been possible without the advantages brought by digitized innovation.

Digital Factory Pavilion and Industry 4.0

Within the MECSPE exhibition, the Digital Factory Show addresses issues related to the smart factory, now called Industry 4.0. Here you will get a glimpse of the future – a world where technology and businesses are increasingly interconnected, and smart product manufacturing is commonplace.

Smart glasses and AR technology will naturally have a strong presence in this space with some of the latest innovations and upgrades on display. Some innovations we hope to see include more durable and lightweight hardware, allowing for use in a broader range of settings; improved cameras and hand-eye tracking technology, allowing users to perform tasks more accurately; and advances in processing power, enabling hands-free operation for longer periods.

Regarding software, Acty will showcase some of the features available in a new release.

Acty at the forefront of remote support using AR

This latest release from Acty is part of an ongoing effort to enable companies to fully benefit from the latest AR technologies and smart devices to offer remote support to their customers. 

Being able to service and repair complex machinery remotely instead of sending out technicians has been a game changer for the industrial sector. Specialized or highly skilled technicians are at a premium and cannot be everywhere at once. When dealing with heavy machinery that needs to be repaired in situ, often in plants in remote locations, that sometimes means that production lines need to wait for repairs. Delays in the production line can be very costly, often causing bottlenecks. 

Remote assistance solves all of this! It allows operators to access service through their wearable device and talk to a technician to guide them through the repair in real-time. All this without them ever having to leave their location!

The savings in lost production and the cost of remote support compared to in-person support have made adopting smart glass technology a no-brainer for the machine industry and field service industries.

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