How to Optimize Field Service Time and Costs with AR

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If your company provides support and customer assistance through field technicians, this article is for you.

When we talk about remote support with field technicians, we refer to all activities that require direct intervention from a technician, such as:

  • Maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment.
  • Installation of new devices and systems.
  • Troubleshooting complex technical issues.
  • Real-time training and assistance.

Field Service: The Traditional Approach

Traditionally, managing field technicians has been done through phone calls, emails, and, more recently, video calls. Essentially, the field technician describes the problem to remote support, who then provides verbal or written instructions on how to solve it.

However, this method has some significant drawbacks:

  • Ineffective Communication: Verbal descriptions can be unclear, leading to misunderstandings and incorrect diagnoses.
  • Slow Resolution Times: Explaining and understanding the problem can take much time, slowing down the intervention.
  • High Costs: Communication errors can cause delays and require additional interventions, increasing overall costs.
  • Limited Training: Field technicians may struggle understanding new instructions or procedures without direct visual guidance.

Field Service: the new approach

Today, an innovative way to provide these services is using Augmented Reality (AR).

But what exactly is it? AR is a technology that overlays digital information onto the real world, viewable through devices like smartphones, tablets, or AR smart glasses. In the context of field service, this technology allows technicians to receive detailed and visual instructions directly on their devices, integrating guidance with real-world elements.

Advantages of AR in Field Service

Adopting Augmented Reality in field service brings numerous advantages:

  • Clear Communication: Technicians can see exactly what they need to do thanks to visual instructions overlaid on their field of view.
  • Fast Problem Resolution: Step-by-step real-time instructions allow for faster problem-solving.
  • Cost Reduction: Fewer errors and downtime translate into significant reductions in operational costs.
  • Effective Training: New technicians can learn on the job with visual instructions, improving training effectiveness.

Acty: the remote assistance software with Augmented Reality

Acty is advanced software that leverages Augmented Reality to enhance remote support for field technicians. This innovative tool allows technicians to connect with remote experts who can see what the technician sees and provide direct visual instructions.

Key features


Use new AR technologies with 3D objects on smartphones or smart glasses. Then, draw the information and guide the field technician in solving the problem.


If you export your products, you must break down language barriers when providing field support. Activate the automatic translator; you have more than 100 languages at your disposal.


Collect all the assistance information: photos, videos, customer data, GPS location, TAGs, tickets, and messages. Then, create a PDF report with a simple click.


To request remote assistance, simply scan a QR Code with your smartphone. Apply a QR Code to your machinery and configure the call based on the maintenance contract.


Reduce the costs of integrating new personnel. Technicians with less experience can become immediately productive thanks to the assistance received remotely from a more experienced colleague.


Remote assistance software like Acty makes it easier and more intuitive to solve problems by operating remotely, thus saving your company on travel costs.


If your business model moves from selling a product to selling a service, Acty and other Service Qube software will guide you through digitization.


Through Acty, you can facilitate sustainability and have a greener company. Operating remotely results in a reduction of commuting and, therefore, of pollutant emissions and road traffic.

Acty is a software developed by Icona Srl Let Icona Srl help you communicate with your counterparts at every touchpoint. Our easy-to-use customer support software easily adapts to different company needs and implements innovative technologies that will become your market differentiating factors.

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