How to reduce downtime in manufacturing and increase productivity

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What is machine downtime?

Machine downtime is a period of inactivity during which a machine or plant cannot be used due to technical or maintenance problems. Various reasons, such as breakdowns, malfunctions, safety issues, or planned maintenance, can cause production downtime.

Downtime in manufacturing can significantly impact productivity and business costs, as it can result in lost time and production opportunities.

The costs of downtime in manufacturing

The plant begins to reduce its productivity from when the failure occurs until it stops. Machine downtime in manufacturing depends on many factors and, in the most challenging cases, can last for days or weeks with significant consequences on everything around it: orders piling up, dissatisfied customers calling, a saturated and overworked production schedule, and tension between production departments. 

Add to this the hours lost by operators, foremen, managers, and salespeople in dealing with customers. It has been calculated that the value of lost production in a single week average seven to ten times the repair cost. 

(Internal downtime cost) = (Lost production value) + (hours spent by internal staff on repair and management) = (OEE x productivity x sales value) + (hours spent by internal staff on repair and management) 

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What costs of downtime are involved in plant or industrial machinery?

Machine downtime has potential costs ranging from hundreds to millions a year. A U.S. report revealed that the company could lose $1 trillion in economic input by 2030. Small and medium-sized businesses’ costs are certainly lower, but they still significantly affect the bottom line.

  1. Production losses: the company cannot produce and therefore loses revenue opportunities.
  2. Repair costs: downtime may be caused by technical problems that require the machine or plant to be repaired, incurring costs.
  3. Labor costs: personnel may be employed in maintenance or repair activities, leading to labor costs.
  4. Costs of spare parts: if a shortage of spare parts causes downtime, the company may have to purchase new stocks of spare parts.
  5. Contract interruption costs: business interruption results in an inability to meet contractual commitments to customers, and the company may incur contract interruption costs.

A company’s downtime in manufacturing costs can be high, so it is essential to minimize them through proper maintenance plans and problem prevention.

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How to prevent machine downtime by increasing productivity

Remote support in augmented reality

Remote augmented reality (AR) support is a service that allows a remote expert to provide remote support to a field technician through augmented reality technologies and by providing step-by-step instructions. Using AR, the expert can solve technical problems by providing instructions and visual support to the technician and displaying additional information directly in the field of view through devices such as smart glasses or smartphones.

By implementing augmented reality as part of remote service processes, manufacturing companies can significantly reduce production downtime and improve efficiency while providing valuable training and development opportunities for their technicians and experts.

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Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a type of maintenance that aims to detect and solve problems before they cause plant downtime. It relies on sensors, telemetry, and data analysis technologies to monitor machinery operations and predict problems.

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Acty’s step-by-step procedures for Remote Plant Maintenance

Predictive maintenance aims to increase machine efficiency and productivity by minimizing maintenance downtime. In addition, predictive maintenance can also help reduce maintenance costs because it allows problems to be acted upon before they become more severe and costly to repair.

Machine downtime and customer satisfaction

Machine downtime can hurt customer satisfaction, as it can fail to deliver products or services to customers on time. Therefore, it is crucial to manage the impacts on customers effectively.

Using augmented reality customer support software allows you to make impromptu repairs while saving 50% of the time it takes to resolve the issue, guide your field technicians step-by-step through complex procedures, and keep track of all the work done as proof of the maintenance performed.

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