3 Steps to Machinery Troubleshooting for the Remote Expert

remote support in augmented reality

With Acty, you solve problems remotely with smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses. AR software allows you to intervene in real-time and remotely to perform routine maintenance or solve sudden failures. Thanks to wearable devices, technicians can remotely diagnose the problem and find a solution. This way, they shorten the time to understand the problem and avoid unnecessary travel expenses.

The revolution introduced by this Augmented Reality software lies precisely in the opportunity to observe live the problems that arise at the locations of any customers without having to move from your desk.

01. Focus on the problem

A problem or a complete failure of a machine requires visual verification to intervene effectively and definitively during maintenance.

Field technicians, equipped with Augmented Reality glasses or mobile devices, can communicate in real-time with remote experts. The distance is effectively eliminated thanks to the ability to share video in real-time, and the field technician receives remote support from an expert on the faulty machinery immediately.

The field technician frames the machinery

02. Assist your technician in the field

Through Acty, the remote expert can view a critical situation and accurately diagnose the problem. Thanks to the augmented reality features of the platform, the remote expert can draw in freeze or AR mode and indicate the exact point where the field technician will have to intervene. The indications provided by the remote expert are displayed in real-time on the screen of the augmented reality glasses worn by the technician in the field. This way, he can work accurately, efficiently, and, most importantly, hands-free.

The remote expert assists the field technician.

03. Problem is solved with Acty!

In conclusion, Acty reduces the time it takes to identify and resolve problems and faults considerably, and as a result, travel costs are minimized. The entire platform serves as a useful memory for the continuous training of technicians, thanks to the archiving of assistance and the possibility to take photos and record videos.

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