Webinar: Training and Assistance with Smart Glasses for Food Industry

webinar smart glasses iristick + acty

Webinar co-hosted by Icona, Iristick, and Handtmann

Learn how Acty, combined with Iristick’s smart glasses technology, can help you with hands-free remote support, training, and collaboration by increasing your service efficiency and reducing your company’s travel costs.

Available On Demand

HVision by Handtmann: hands-free remote support
Service Package that includes Acty’s Clone App and Iristick smart glasses.

During the webinar, we will talk about the following:

  • Challenges in after-market
  • Live Demo of Acty from Handtmann facilities
  • Remote support, training, and remote collaboration with Acty software (Katrina Auskapa, Sales Manager)
  • Hands-free remote support with Iristick smart glasses (Jacob Kent, Head of Growth)
  • Case study: Handtmann’s HVision (Shawn Kentch, Training Manager)
  • Q&A.

About Iristick

Iristick designs, manufactures, and implements industrial-grade smart glasses for hands-free remote support. They provide solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs. Manufacturing, healthcare, field services, oil and gas, logistics, and agribiotechnology professionals have used their industrial-grade smart glasses. They feature live streaming, which enables hands-free remote assistance, work instruction guidance, pick-by-vision, and video conferencing.

About Handtmann

Handtmann is a leading provider of global technology solutions for the food industry, specializing in the best equipment for portioning, dividing, storing, forming, and filling meat, bakery, dairy, and pet products. Handtmann solutions offer practical value through innovative design, strict manufacturing standards, and robust processing technology known for operational precision, safety, and reliability.

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