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Industrial Smart Glasses for Visual Remote Assistance

Acty's remote assistance software seamlessly integrates with industrial smart glasses. Furthermore, Acty is the only software currently on the market that brings 3D Augmented Reality to RealWear smart glasses.

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Acty’s remote assistance in 3D Augmented Reality on industrial smart glasses

Acty is compatible with all major models of industrial smart glasses available in the market, through an app available for Android and iOS/iPhone. The field technician equipped with smart glasses receives remote instructions with arrows, symbols, text, and 3D objects directly on the glasses lenses.

By using smart glasses, the operator maximizes the 3D Augmented Reality capabilities offered by our remote assistance software Acty.

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Key features


Harness Acty’s remote assistance with 3D objects on industrial smart glasses. Overlay information and guide the field technician to solve the problem with unprecedented effectiveness.


Acty’s remote assistance software also works on smartphones, but technicians equipped with smart glasses will certainly work better when they have both hands free.


To overcome language barriers and guide operators on the other side of the world, the combination of Acty and smart glasses is a winning solution. You have access to over 100 languages.


Reduce the costs of integrating new personnel. Junior technicians can become immediately productive thanks to smart glasses and the remote assistance they receive from a more experienced colleague.

Industry leaders use Acty with Smart Glasses


Schneider Electric
System logistics

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Whether you already have smart glasses in your company or are considering adopting them, contact us! Our consultants will show you the Acty features to achieve a complete hands-free visual assistance experience.

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We collaborate with leading industrial smart glasses manufacturers

Realwear Navigator 500


  • Acty is the only software that brings 3D Augmented Reality to RealWear glasses
  • Monocular vision
  • Helmet-mounted
  • Voice and touchpad control
  • Battery replacement without interrupting work
  • Wearable with prescription glasses
  • Extremely durable

Smart Glasses Iristick G2 - G2 PRO


  • Acty is the only software compatible with Iristick iOS for iPhone
  • The only smart glasses compatible with both Android and iOS/li>
  • Monocular vision
  • Voice and smartphone-connected control
  • Lightweight, under 100g
  • Wearable with prescription glasses/li>

Smart Glasses Epson Moverio BT-35E


  • The only binocular smart glasses, more comfortable to wear
  • Binocular “see-through” vision for an immersive experience: the operator can see objects right in front of their eyes
  • Helmet-mounted
  • Touchpad control

Smart Glasses Vuzix M400


  • Acty brings 3D Augmented Reality to Vuzix smart glasses
  • The only monocular smart glasses with “see-through” vision
  • Monocular see-through vision
  • Headband attachment
  • Voice and touchpad control
  • Lightweight, under 100g
  • Wearable with prescription glasses

RealWear Smart Glasses - Acty
Iristick Smart Glasses - Acty
Ecom Instruments - Pepperl+Fuchs
Epson Smart Glasses - Acty
Vuzix Smart Glasses - Acty
Google Glass Smart Glasses - Acty
Acty is a software developed by Icona Srl Let Icona Srl help you communicate with your counterparts at every touchpoint. Our easy-to-use customer support software easily adapts to different company needs and implements innovative technologies that will become your market differentiating factors.

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