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Acty is the field service software in augmented reality that transforms your support into a more streamlined and cost-effective procedure that maximizes business results with minimal expense. Inspections, surveys and audits will no longer be a problem, guide your technicians remotely!

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Use case field service software

Remote troubleshooting

Customer service calls don’t have to throw off your day. In moments, you or your most qualified expert can be at the job site or factory floor, speaking in real-time with the person working on the problem. With the ability to see what they are seeing and the functionality to draw diagrams on their display, you can troubleshoot and solve the problem before the end of the workday.

Train technicians on the job

Traditionally, training takes a lot of time and resources, but it doesn’t have to. With field service software Acty, your technicians can learn how to do the job while on the job. Remote experts can guide them through processes without having to be on-site, and the technician will learn faster since they are doing the work rather than just watching.

Verify Buyoff Criteria

Buyoffs are necessary but often demanding when it comes to time and resources. Pulling together the entire team, agreeing on a time and place, and traveling to the job site is not only a hassle – it can be downright inefficient. With Acty, the field service software in AR, your entire team can be virtually on-site for the buyoff, speak with the other party, and inspect critical components without the usual overhead of a business trip. Make good use of everyone’s time!

Build confidence with your customers

Customers ultimately want to know that they can count on their suppliers to be available when they run into issues. With Augmented Reality field service software, you can prove that your customers made the right choice doing business with you. With unbeatable response time and a host of features to enable clear and concise communication, augmented reality technology can set you apart from the competition in a matter of hours.

Cut travel costs and reduce resolution time with Acty

Using field service software Acty and smart glasses with Augmented Reality allows you to cut travel expenses and reduce planning and intervention time. In addition, the real-time sharing of videos and photos, as well as documentation and projects, allows you to obtain and provide audits in real time. The use of the platform constitutes a concrete support for your technicians: Acty’s features, in fact, are able to satisfy every type of intervention, be it an audit, a quality and safety check or a verification of the problem in progress. At any time, technicians in the field can share images of a failure with remote technicians: videos and photos of the assistance are archived from time to time, in order to make future resolutions faster. Videos and photos also come in handy in the event that a technician needs to travel: before leaving, he will have all the information needed to make the field visit effective and quick. Acty is not a simple work tool, it’s the partner you’ve been looking for!

Features of field service software

Remote guidance

Acty is the man you’ve been missing. Remotely guide on-site technicians by pointing live in Augmented Reality with directions, arrows, shapes, signals and text and sharing documentation.

Web Expert and Web Client

Start or receive remote assistance with a simple link, without downloading the app. Useful for urgent interventions or for those who are unfamiliar with the use of their device.

GPS position

For each remote support intervention, after acceptance by the technician, you can detect the exact GPS location where the assistance is carried out.

QR Code scan

To identify machinery you can use the barcode or QR Code reader to obtain the identification code of the item displayed remotely.

Assistance form

For every support session carried out, the identity of the parties involved are recorded on a form, along with details of the activity carried out and the photos and videos taken during the assistance.


To receive hands-free assistance, the field technician can use smart glasses and speed up inspection and site operations.

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