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Acty is the augmented reality field service software that transforms field service into a more streamlined and cost-effective procedure, maximizing results. Installations, remote maintenance, and repairs will no longer be a problem: Acty offers everything you can expect from a remote field service management software, be it in a construction site, an industrial plant, or machinery.

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Field Service Augmented Reality 3D for Remote Support

Field Service, the sector dealing with installing, maintaining, and repairing equipment and systems at customers’ premises, involves a series of operational challenges that can be overcome thanks to real time remote assistance provided with the Augmented Reality tools developed by Acty.

Using Augmented Reality 3D for field service operations allows technicians to work with on-site operators to identify and solve faults, train less experienced technicians, and perform scheduled remote maintenance.

Remote support for field service on plants and machinery

Acty is an intuitive, effective, and easy-to-use field service management software for remote assistance in industrial plants, machinery, and field service operations. 3D Augmented Reality optimizes field service activities features to guide technicians and automatic voice translation for worldwide field assistance in real time.

Watch the case history video of Salvagnini: the company builds sheet metal working machines with 23 operating companies that deal with sales and technical support. Salvagnini’s service is integral to the company, translating every problem into a real solution.

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Main use cases of Augmented Reality Field Service


Reduce machine downtime by speeding up access to step-by-step instructions to identify and solve a fault. For each machine, you can specify notes and additional information.


Each machine can have its user manual enriched with floor plans, diagrams, and video tutorials created specifically for that machine.


Reduce the costs of integrating new personnel. Junior technicians can become immediately productive thanks to Smart Glasses and the assistance they receive remotely from a remote expert.


Provide checklists for inspections and quality assurance. Track the execution of the work. Work Instructions are not limited to fault resolution.


Ensure that periodic maintenance operations are carried out correctly. Work Instructions keep track of the execution of operations.


If an inexperienced operator in the field is remotely guided, hands-free work significantly increases workplace safety.

Guide field technicians with Work Instructions

Work Instructions is a module of Acty to create operational instructions for field technicians and operators providing remote assistance.
Operational instructions are handy for production companies and companies conducting field service activities. The documentation can be built independently or through our consultant.

With Work Instructions, machine downtime is reduced by speeding up access to step-by-step instructions to identify and solve a fault. Work Instructions also provide targeted support for periodic machinery maintenance, as well as for audits and quality procedures.

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Smart Glasses for field service operations through 3D Augmented Reality

Integrating Acty’s remote assistance software and industrial Smart Glasses facilitates field technicians’ interventions.
Field technicians indeed receive textual, graphical, and 3D instructions directly on the lenses of the glasses remotely, being able to operate hands-free. This increases the productivity, safety, and effectiveness of the field service.

Watch the case history video of Marchesini Group: the company builds packaging machines and complete production lines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. It exports 90% of the machines to Europe, China, the USA, and Latin America, taking advantage of Acty’s operational capabilities.

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Service Hub: the web portal to assist your customers

Thanks to the Service Hub web portal, industrial companies can manage customer assistance in a simplified way, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.
Service Hub allows 24/7 assistance, understanding time zone differences, and satisfying requests worldwide.

Moreover, Service Hub allows you to generate additional and recurring profits through subscriptions.

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Acty is a software developed by Icona Srl Let Icona Srl help you communicate with your counterparts at every touchpoint. Our easy-to-use customer support software easily adapts to different company needs and implements innovative technologies that will become your market differentiating factors.

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