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Augmented Reality (AR) is rapidly becoming an indispensable tool for field service, which is the industry that deals with the installation, maintenance and repair of equipment and systems at customer sites. Acty is the augmented reality field service software that transforms field service into a more streamlined and cost-effective procedure that maximizes business results with minimal expense. Installations, remote maintenance and repairs will no longer be a problem, guide your field technicians!

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Remote Assistance software for Field Service

Using Acty, AR’s field service software, allows you to work more efficiently and accurately, reducing the risk of errors and the time it takes to complete the job. Field technicians are able to meet any type of task, whether it is an installation, remote maintenance, or repair, because they are supported by remote experts who provide them with real-time support through the use of augmented reality, video and photo taking, and documentation and project sharing. At any time, field technicians can share images of a breakdown with remote experts: videos and photos of the support are archived from time to time, so that future resolutions are faster. The videos and photos also come in handy in case a technician needs to be away.

The functions in Acty

Remote guidance

Acty is the man you’ve been missing. Remotely guide on-site technicians by pointing live in Augmented Reality with directions, arrows, shapes, signals and text and sharing documentation.

Web Expert and Web Client

Start or receive remote assistance with a simple link, without downloading the app. Useful for urgent interventions or for those who are unfamiliar with the use of their device.

GPS position

For each remote support intervention, after acceptance by the technician, you can detect the exact GPS location where the assistance is carried out.

QR Code scan

To identify machinery you can use the barcode or QR Code reader to obtain the identification code of the item displayed remotely.

Assistance form

For every support session carried out, the identity of the parties involved are recorded on a form, along with details of the activity carried out and the photos and videos taken during the assistance.


To receive hands-free assistance, the field technician can use smart glasses and speed up inspection and site operations.

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