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Laser Cutting

Acty represents the evolution of video assistance in laser cutting industry. Wearing smart glasses supports your technicians in real time and assists your customers in dealing with mechanical malfunctions. Prevent the need for on-field visits and reduce machine downtime thanks to Augmented Reality.

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Remote assistance software for Laser Cutting

Your sheet metal cutting machine has a problem. A long-standing customer in China tells you. Your expert technician intervenes remotely and communicates with the on-site operator to diagnose the fault. Your customer’s employee is new, unfamiliar with the machine and, above all, has little command of English. In the meantime, the production line is interrupted and it is necessary to intervene promptly. If this was not the case, your customer would lose large sums of money. The only solution is to have your technician take the first flight to China immediately. Once at the destination, your expert realizes that the diagnosis was wrong and the resolution needed only 30 minutes. The cost to your company? Obviously very high. This is roughly what happens when your customer’s production machinery has a problem. Troubleshooting for this kind of sheet metal cutting machinery is complex, requires knowledge of multiple disciplines, and not all technicians always have in-depth expertise in the various areas.


Reduced downtime

With Acty, it is possible to intervene in real-time on the fault and solve it remotely.

Stop travelling

The use of wearable devices allows you to avoid the constant and costly travel of your technicians.

Language differences don’t matter

With Acty’s Augmented Reality features, it allows for better problem resolution.

Acty: the solution to problems in industry

Most machines today are equipped with remote control and monitoring tools. These tools, however, in case of failure, require a technician in the field to repair the machine. Acty was created to solve this problem and proposes to be “your extra man”, always ready to support your customers.

The use of augmented reality through smart glasses or smartphones, in fact, brings your experts in the companies of each customer, without any need to pay them a trip. The glasses worn by machine operators allow your technicians to identify the fault in real-time, diagnose the problem and provide the solution. Thanks to Acty’s cutting-edge technology, travel is also reduced. If you have to send one of your technicians, he will be assisted remotely by someone who knows the machinery inside out: in this way, costs are halved and customer satisfaction is maximized.

Acty is a revolutionary platform at the service of your company and your customers: installable on all devices, it can become the cutting edge of your assistance, usable anytime and anywhere.


Augmented Reality (AR)

Draw sketches, apply pointers or arrows to the video screen image of the technician’s device on site and provide precise directions.

Freeze Mode

Fix a video frame, draw directions and return it to the operator. Useful for getting around poor connectivity conditions.

Instant Translations

Translate your language into your customer’s and vice versa in real-time. Avoid misunderstandings and wasting time with other translators.


Record assistances, save images, videos and exchanged messages. Create reports and give them to clients or colleagues as proof of work done.

Global leaders use Acty

“We were looking for a solution that could connect our technicians in an agile and efficient manner. We’ve been integrating the Acty platform for a year now, and the results are showing immediately: response times are reduced by more than 50%.”

Mauro Maranzan, Service Manager – SALVAGNINI

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