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Laser Cutting

Acty opens a new era in the field of video assistance within the laser cutting industry. By donning smart glasses, your technicians receive real-time support and your clients receive help in managing mechanical issues. The necessity for on-site visits is mitigated and machine idle time is reduced, all thanks to Augmented Reality.

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Remote support software for Laser Cutting

With Acty you have a problem-solving solution in remote assistance for laser cutting machineries: a remote support software that reduce distances, language barriers and machine downtime. A laser sheet metal cutter installed in a foreign country encounters a malfunction and a customer you’ve been serving for a long time reports the issue. With Acty your proficient technician quickly jumps in to offer remote assistance, connecting with the local operator to identify the problem, using automatic translation function to interact with the local staff members and solve the problem, without travel costs nor stop the production.

Intuitive, Effective, and Easy-to-Use Remote Support

In the event of a machine failure or maintenance interruption, swift intervention is essential to minimize downtime. Acty’s 3D AR remote maintenance support features and instant translator offer remote assistance capabilities that can be accessed without installing any applications, whether you’re using Smart Glasses or not.

Watch the video featuring the case history of  Salvagnini, a company designing, manufacturing, and selling flexible machines and systems for sheet metal processing: fiber laser cutting machines, punching machines, paneling machines, etc.

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Main Use Cases of Augmented Reality in the Laser Cutting field


Acty empowers real-time remote interventions, facilitating swift troubleshooting.


Smart wearable technology eliminates the need for frequent and expensive technician travels.


Leveraging Augmented Reality, Acty ensures effective resolution, irrespective of language barriers.


Reduce the expenses associated with training new staff. Novice technicians can swiftly become operational.


Guarantee the appropriate execution of routine maintenance tasks. Work Instructions maintains a record of the performance of these procedures.


Every piece of laser cutting machinery can have its own comprehensive user manual, with designs, diagrams, and custom-made video tutorials specific to that particular machine.

Work Instructions for manufacturing: from regular maintenance to audit processes

Work Instructions module of Acty is specially designed to generate sequential instructions for technicians operating directly on the machine, and for those offering remote support to individuals rectifying malfunctions.

The applications of  manufacturing Work Instructions extend beyond just machinery troubleshooting procedures; they can encompass everything from regular maintenance tasks to quality audit processes.

Each industrial setup can have its related user manual augmented with diagrams, blueprints, and custom video tutorials crafted specifically for that piece of equipment. You have the option to fill in the documentation yourself or entrust it to our team of experts to manage the entire process.

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Smart Glasses for 3D AR Remote Support

With Smart Glasses technicians are able to visualize the machinery they are tasked to work on and get remote directives straight on the lenses of the glasses. These instructions can include arrows, symbols, text, and even 3D objects, fully leveraging the potential of our Acty remote assistance software.

Moreover, for novice operators, the hands-free operation notably heightens safety measures while working on the machinery enanching the benefits of remote maintenance with augmented reality.

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Customer service with Service Hub

Service Hub helps industrial and manufacturing companies to simplify customer support, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction thanks to augmented reality remote maintenance. Offering round-the-clock, 24/7, assistance, Service Hub proves especially beneficial for companies exporting machinery and plants, where managing support across multiple time zones becomes crucial.

Moreover, Service Hub facilitates the creation of an additional, recurring revenue stream through the implementation of subscription models.

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