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Machine Industry

As manufacturing becomes more automated and connected, having professionals on hand to service equipment and perform maintenance is more critical than ever. With Acty, you can have your experts on-site without them ever having to leave their desks.

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Remote assistance software for Machine Industry

Leveraging flexible and practical Augmented Reality in machine industry allows your employees to work with on-site technicians to identify and solve problems, perform technical buy-offs, and keep records of services performed. One of the most significant benefits of AR industrial is remotely diagnosing issues, providing solutions, and communicating clearly with images and diagrams shown directly on what the user sees. AR is growing precisely because it is effective, allowing you to focus on growing your business instead of constant maintenance and service calls.

Optimized remote assistance and maintenance with Acty

Augmented Reality (AR)

Make use of our AR platform by applying pointers, arrows, or sketches directly to the on-site technician’s screen. Reduce miscommunication and provide contextual instructions.

Freeze Mode

Stop the video frame at any point to provide clarification or AR markup on the still image. This is a valuable workaround for areas with poor connectivity.

Instant Translations

Translate from your language to your customer’s and back from the application. Save time and frustration with this built-in functionality.

Web Expert and Web Client

Use a link to start or receive AR remote assistance. Avoid unnecessary delays since no download or prior knowledge is necessary.


Provide reports to customers at the end of a call. Take screen captures, save messages, and access assistance logs to complete work.

White label

Brand your service with your logo and colours. Customization options allow you to create a unified experience for your customers.

Improve your service with Acty and smart glasses

Operate in the field hands-free. AR smart glasses are wearable device that you use to add information to what you see and to communicate. Easy to use, put them on and you’re ready to go, without having to configure any devices or study manuals. Acty is constantly evolving to work with the most popular smart glasses on the market.

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Make the most of your production

Reduce assembly and downtime for snags or diagnostics and increase the effectiveness of your equipment.

Save time for maintenance

Accelerate onboarding, escalate maintenance in hazardous environments, minimize repeat service visits.

Gain instant industrial expertise

Quickly train on-site technicians with the most experienced remote resources. Gain new skills in the field in real time.

Become the reliable partner you want

Be there quickly if customers need you to troubleshoot critical issues with machines in the field or if they need training.

Become a professional

Acty is much more than a video call. Leverage interoperability during operations, track them, collect data in reports, and organize an activity history.

Why choose Acty for machine industry?

Acty is leading the charge in remote AR assistance. Whether you have a technician who needs guidance on a complicated repair or are working with a remote team, Acty provides an intuitive and immediate way to interface directly with customers and team members.

Industry leaders choose Acty to reduce downtime and free up their most experienced workers. Instead of traveling to job sites, your employees can be there virtually to provide step-by-step instructions or real-time advice. Acty’s AR solutions solve the logistical and communication problems that can keep lines from running smoothly or getting serviced quickly when machines go down.

With AR in machine industry, you can make sure there are no obstacles to reducing downtime, servicing equipment, or training new hires on old technologies. In addition, our technology has been proven in a number of different industries, ranging from industry to healthcare to insurance. In all cases, Acty provides a level of efficiency previously unattainable for remote workers.

Turn emergencies into training opportunities, downtime into scheduled maintenance, and customer calls into confidence boosters with AR technology suitable for your industry. Acty can help you save time, prioritize safety, and optimize production time without training new equipment or processes.

Instead of scrambling for a solution when something goes wrong, Acty gives you a framework from which to meet your company’s and your customer’s needs at a moment’s notice.

Global leaders use Acty

“Today, the customer does not need a product but a true partner that supports him in the use and strategic choices for his business. The customer, or rather, the partner, can only benefit from a tool like Acty.”

Antonio Marangon, Service Manager – Cavanna Group

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