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Your products deserve the best technological innovation, not only during manufacturing but also after they have been put into operation at the customer's site. Discover how you can innovate your company even in the post-sales phase.

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Machinery Production and Industrial Plants: Remote Assistance in Augmented Reality

Companies that manufacture machinery and industrial plants often face several challenges in providing assistance and maintenance for their products once they are put into production at the customer’s site.

Harnessing Augmented Reality in the industry allows your technicians to work with on-site operators to identify and resolve faults, provide training to less experienced technicians, and perform remote scheduled maintenance.

Intuitive, Effective, and Easy-to-Use Remote Support Software

When a machine is down due to a fault or maintenance, quick action is required to reduce downtime. With Acty’s 3D Augmented Reality assistance features and automatic translator, you can access remote assistance functions without the need to install any apps, with or without Smart Glasses.

Request a demo: Our consultants will show you the Acty features that best meet your remote assistance needs for the machines and plants you have installed at your customers’ sites.

Discover Remote Support in Augmented Reality

Main Use Cases of Augmented Reality in the Production of Industrial Machinery and Plants


Reduce machine downtime by quickly accessing step-by-step instructions to identify and resolve faults. For each machine, you can provide specific notes and additional information.


Each machine can have its dedicated user manual enriched with layouts, schematics, and video tutorials created specifically for that machine.


Cut down on the costs of onboarding new personnel. Junior technicians can become productive immediately with the help of smart glasses and remote assistance from more experienced colleagues.


Provide checklist for inspections and quality assurance. Track the completion of work. Work Instructions goes beyond fault resolution.


Ensure that periodic maintenance operations are carried out properly. Work Instructions keeps track of the execution of these operations.


Consolidate information, procedures, user manuals, and intervention reports into a single tool for your customer support service.

Work Instructions: Step-by-Step Operational Instructions, Manuals, Audits, Maintenance…

Work Instructions is a module of Acty designed to create step-by-step instructions for technicians working directly on the machine and for operators providing remote assistance to those resolving faults.

However, the use of Work Instructions is not limited to fault resolution procedures for machinery; it can range from periodic maintenance to quality audits.

Each industrial plant can have its associated user manual enriched with layouts, schematics, and video tutorials created specifically for that machine. You can build the documentation independently or rely on our consultants to handle it all.

Discover how to provide Digital Operational Instructions

Smart Glasses for Remote Support through 3D AR

Technicians equipped with Smart Glasses can view the machine they need to work on and receive remote instructions directly on the glasses’ lenses, including arrows, symbols, text, and 3D objects. This maximizes the capabilities of our Acty remote assistance software.

Furthermore, when less experienced operators are working on the machine, hands-free work significantly increases safety.

Watch the video featuring the case history of Marchesini Group, a company that builds packaging machines and complete production lines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. They export 90% of their machinery to Europe, China, USA, and Latin America.

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Your Machinery and Plants Deserve the Best, Even in the Post-Sales Phase

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Customer service with Service Hub

Through Service Hub, industrial and manufacturing companies can simplify customer support, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Service Hub allows for 24/7 assistance and is particularly useful when exporting machinery and plants to different parts of the world, requiring support management across various time zones.

Additionally, Service Hub enables you to generate additional and recurring profits through subscriptions.

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