Revolutionize your customer service with Service Hub

Revolutionize your customer service with Service Hub

To be competitive in the manufacturing industry, it is critical to increase resource efficiency and provide fast and qualified service. Service Hub is the portal to optimize your service customer service and generate additional, recurring revenue for the industry.

It is a solution designed to meet the changing needs of the manufacturing industry and provides a range of innovative features, including remote augmented reality support, up-to-date user manuals, maintenance procedures and troubleshooting.

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Industry leaders use Service Hub

Centralizes information and facilitates service work

With Service Hub you can provide your customers with a web portal that allows them to receive real-time or self-service assistance on machinery or equipment. All you need to do is upload all the service documentation within the portal and link it with your service facilities.

What you can do with Service Hub

Live Help

Remotely support your customers remotely in augmented reality and help them resolve faults in real time.

User Manuals

Collect all machinery technical manuals in one place and share them within the portal.

Maintenance Procedures

Create work instructions for your machines and help your customers perform self-service maintenance.


Handle emergencies on your own by troubleshooting with FAQs and how-tos posted on the portal.


Your customer can send a request link to your service email to speed up the assistance.

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Why manufacturing companies need Service Hubs

Simplified customer service management

Remotely support your customers remotely in augmented reality and provide up-to-date manuals, you’ll help them troubleshoot without the need for lengthy phone calls.

Increased efficiency in processes

Create maintenance procedures and manage spare parts for your machines with Service Hub; customers will perform maintenance work independently.

Increased customer satisfaction

By providing personalized and efficient assistance, you can build strong relationships with your clients and establish yourself as a trusted and reliable partner.

Additional and recurring profits

Enrich Service Hub with all the services of your service to generate additional and recurring revenue and establish yourself as a leader in their manufacturing sector.

Customize your Service

Each company will be able to customize the portal to suit its needs by selecting the services made available and tailoring it to its customer service optimization needs.

Not enough of all the services offered by Service Hub? Add your own as well. The customization of this tool is total: in addition to the services already present, you can add any other type of section, material or information.

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