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Revolutionize your customer service with Service Qube

Through Service Qube industrial and manufacturing companies can simplify customer service, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Service Hub allows for 24/7 support and is particularly useful when exporting machinery to different parts of the world and managing support across different time zones.

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Your web portal for providing customer support

To be competitive in the manufacturing industry, it is crucial to increase resource efficiency and offer fast and qualified assistance. Service Qube is the web portal to optimize customer service for your service department and generate additional recurring revenue through subscriptions.

It is a solution that provides a range of innovative features, including remote support in augmented reality, always up-to-date user manuals, maintenance procedures, troubleshooting anq support request.

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The benefits of Service Qube


Centralize information, procedures, user manuals, and service reports in one tool for your customer service department.


Staff with little experience can benefit from Service Hub to receive real-time or self-service assistance on machinery or equipment.


Provide immediate personalized assistance, including through Augmented Reality and Smart Glasses. Build strong relationships with your customers and be perceived as a reliable partner.


Service Hub allows for 24/7 support and is particularly useful when managing support across different time zones.

Industry leaders use Service Qube


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The modules of Service Qube

Live Help

Remotely support your customers in augmented reality and help them resolve faults in real time.

User Manuals

Collect all technical manuals of machinery in one place and share them within the portal.

Maintenance Procedures

Create work instructions for your machinery and help your customers perform self-service maintenance.


Handle emergencies independently by troubleshooting with FAQs and how-tos posted on the portal.


Open support request directly linked to your machinery and send it to your service e-mail.

Already have your own web support portals? Add them to Service Qube!

Every company can customize the portal based on their needs, selecting the services to provide to their customers according to service optimization requirements.

If you already have your own web support portals, you can integrate them into Service Qube. The customization of this tool is comprehensive: in addition to the existing services, you can add any other type of section, material, or information.

Service Qube is a software developed by Icona Srl Let Icona Srl help you communicate with your counterparts at every touchpoint. Our easy-to-use customer support software easily adapts to different company needs and implements innovative technologies that will become your market differentiating factors.

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