Epson Moverio BT35E

Smart Glasses Epson Moverio BT-35E

The Epson Moverio BT-35E Solution Pack smart glasses focus not only on usability but also on providing the best possible display.

These wearable devices are optimized for indoor and outdoor use thanks to the liftable blackout screen that allows you to seamlessly transition from indoors to outdoors, displaying content in any lighting condition.

Compatible with Acty, they enable remote maintenance, technician support, and training.

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Binocular see-through vision

The Epson BT35E Solution Pack is a binocular smart glasses with see-through vision, transparent lenses, and Si-OLED matrix; allowing you to work hands-free, viewing a wide range of low-latency content from multiple devices via HDMI or USB-C connectivity.

Using innovative OLED technology, the Epson BT-35E device delivers HD resolution and high contrast, all on the lightest transparent lenses on the market. This solution offers high precision and visual support, and the flip-up shades optimize for indoor and outdoor use.

Comfortable and rugged smart glasses

The Epson glasses BT35-E are also designed to be worn by a diverse audience. Durable construction and features designed for maximum comfort allow the Epson BT-35E to be worn repeatedly, comfortably, and for long periods of time by visitors and staff, regardless of head shape, size, or eyewear use.

“The Epson Moverio smart glasses have gone far beyond remote service: in the midst of a medical emergency, they have proven to be an essential tool that has also allowed us to perform various tasks that we previously performed with the technician on site.”

Mirko Ballo – Customer Care Director, Marchesini Group

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 119 g (smart glasses) + 183 g (solution pack)
  • Battery life: 4 hours
  • Display: Si-OLED – See-through OTG
  • Audio: integrated speaker, triple noise-canceling microphones
  • Camera: 5 MP (smart glasses) + 13 MP (solution pack)
Francesco Riglietti CTO

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