Epson Moverio BT45C

smart glasses Epson BT-45C

BT45C smart glasses feature stereoscopic vision, transparent lenses, and a full HD display to ensure excellent color reproduction quality combined with high transparency. The new smart glasses Epson Moverio BT45C feature a headband and helmet fastener, these smart glasses meet international standards for safety and durability. They set a new standard of use for industrial applications and are ideal for remote support, assistance during workflow execution, and training applications.

Use Epson Moverio BT45C with Acty software for maximum

Acty is remote video service software designed to work seamlessly with Epson Moverio BT35E and BT45C models. The Augmented Reality features built into Acty allow technicians to be guided step-by-step during service interventions and solve problems in real time. Acty is an official partner of Epson Moverio in providing smart glasses.

Try Acty with Epson Moverio BT-45C

Industry leaders using Epson and Acty

A new approach to industrial workflow management

Sharing information among the workforce has never been easier. With a hands-free display, central HD camera, and built-in audio, two-way communication is clear with Epson BT45C smart glasses. It can be used to perform complex tasks within industrial environments.

Simple connectivity

With USB Type-C2 connectivity, Moverio BT45C smart glasses enable easy plug-and-play integration with a wide range of compatible devices, including smartphones and mini PCs.

Let the numbers speak


improvement in resolution time


increasing the first-time fix


saving on travel costs

Technical specifications of the Epson Moverio BT-45C

  • Weight: 550 g (smart glasses), 183 g (solution pack)
  • Display: 0.45-inch Si-OLED (16:9) with 1920×1080 resolution – See-through OTG
  • Audio: built-in microphones and speaker, triple noise-canceling microphone
  • Camera: 8 MP HD (smart glasses), 13 MP (solution pack), and Autofocus
  • Safety: compliance with MIL-STD-810H (drop test), IP52 and ANSI Z87.1 standards

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