Remote Maintenance with RealWear Navigator 500

Realwear Navigator 500

RealWear Navigator 500 smart glasses are the leaders in augmented reality glasses. They are designed to engage and empower technicians in the field, allow them to connect and collaborate with remote experts, track workflows, visualize IoT data, and safely reduce downtime.

Compared to previous models, it has some improvements such as a lighter weight, faster processor, 48 MP camera, and soon modular components.

Remote Maintenance with Smart Glasses

Our remote assistance software “Acty” works seamlessly with RealWear Navigator 500. It can help you with field service operations, maintenance, onboarding and training.

Discover how smart glasses can help you with remote assistance

Industry leaders use Acty and RealWear

System logistics

The watchword for the RealWear Navigator 500 is comfort in the safety

They operate safely through voice commands on display, allowing technicians to work hands-free. The display arm is adjustable so every user can find their ideal position.

You can clip Navigator 500s onto safety helmets in a few simple steps. The RealWear Navigator 500 can be worn with a headband for areas where helmets are not mandatory. Either way, the low weight of 272 grams and durable padding ensures a comfortable fit.

“RealWear Navigator 500 takes the power of the HMT-1 to the next level of performance and hands-free usability.”

Always work connected

The Navigator 500’s voice control works offline, but you often need a connection to third-party networks or devices to make video calls or retrieve and process current information.

In addition, the battery lasts for more than 6-8 hours and, if needed, can be replaced during operation without resetting any apps or restarting the wearable itself.

Acty and RealWear

Acty is remote video service software designed to work seamlessly with RealWear Navigator 500, RealWear HTM-1 and RealWear HTM-1Z1 models.
Augmented Reality features built into Acty allow technicians to be guided step-by-step during service interventions and troubleshoot problems in real time.
Acty is an official partner of RealWear in providing professional devices for augmented reality.

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Giorgio Nepa CEO

Integrate Acty and RealWear Navigator 500 into your business

With Acty and smart glasses, you can improve service and maintenance operations, increase productivity, and save costs.

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