Visor-Ex ® 01

smart glasses Visor-Ex 01

Visor-Ex ® 01 devices are industrial-grade smart glasses made by Ecom Instruments.

Visor-Ex ® 01 are wearable smart glasses and a distributed system allowing the field technician to use the latest technology for collaboration. The modular smart glasses system with an integrated camera and microphone, Smart-Ex 02 smartphone, and an external battery unit offers workers maximum flexibility.

Using Visor-Ex 01 for collaboration in hazardous areas enables field workers to share know-how in real time or take a remote expert with them. This leads to more controllable processes, cost savings through reduced plant downtime, and increased productivity.

Remote assistance with smart glasses

Our remote assistance software “Acty” works seamlessly with Visor-Ex®01. It can help you with field service operations, maintenance, onboarding and training.

Discover how smart glasses can help you with remote assistance

Industry leaders use Acty and Visor-Ex


Visor-Ex 01: ultra-lightweight, intrinsically safe smart glasses

This smart glasses weigh only 180 grams and are the lightest intrinsically safe devices on the market. The weight of these smart glasses has been redistributed to the individual components to make them lightweight.

In addition, to increase safety in hazardous areas, the Visor-Ex 01 can be quickly attached to any protective helmet or combined with any headset. Equipped with two cameras and a laser-assisted zoom lens for barcode scanning, the device gives mobile workers access to a wide range of digital information.

Acty and Visor-Ex

Acty is remote video assistance software designed to work in perfect combination with Visor-Ex ® 01, the smart glasses made by Ecom Instruments, a Pepperl+Fuchs brand. Acty’s built-in features allow technicians to be guided step-by-step during service interventions and solve problems in real time. Acty is an official partner of Ecom Instruments in providing professional remote viewing devices.

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Integrate Acty and Visor-Ex ® 01 into your business

With Acty and smart glasses, you can improve service and maintenance operations, increase productivity, and save costs.

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