Marchesini Group enhances its service with augmented reality assistance and smart glasses

Marchesini e Acty

The importance of digitization

It is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to invest in digitalization to ensure continuous and efficient customer service. So Marchesini Group boosted virtual technologies, focusing on Acty Augmented Reality and Epson Smart Glasses. This choice proved successful and made a difference when the lockdown came, being able to provide augmented reality assistance and remote maintenance to its customers.

Marchesini Group enhances its service with augmented reality assistance and smart glasses

Marchesini: packaging solutions inspired by the extraordinary

Marchesini Group has transformed from a small local business to a large industrial enterprise thanks to a relentless process of mergers and acquisitions with complementary companies in the sector. The achieved international dimension has never betrayed the human spirit and artisan production approach of its origins, which coexist today with the latest innovations in robotics and digitalization.

This company builds stand-alone packaging machines and complete production lines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. It exports 90% of its machinery to Europe, China, the U.S., and Latin America, with a turnover of more than 430 million.

Marchesini’s Service

Service in Marchesini is made up of highly qualified personnel: 300 technicians in Italy flanked by 50 specialists, who move daily to guarantee a rapid resolution to their customers: within 12 hours in Europe and North America, 24 hours in the rest of the world.

The challenges of service in Marchesini

  • Customers and machines are located in dozens of countries
  • Difficulty communicating problems and information through existing technology
  • Inability to resolve issues quickly and accurately

“The Epson smart glasses in combination with Acty have gone far beyond remote assistance: in the midst of a medical emergency, they have proven to be an essential tool that has also allowed us to perform various tasks that we previously performed with the technician on site.”

Mirko Ballo – Customer Care Director, Marchesini

XCARE: augmented reality assistance for customer care

Marchesini has implemented a program to digitize all its Customer Care services.

How? It has implemented an augmented reality assistance system to support its customers on their machines, thus ensuring more effective troubleshooting through a dedicated app (Acty’s white label) or optional smart glasses that can be set up on any smartphone or tablet in a few clicks.

Benefits achieved by Marchesini through Acty’s augmented reality assistance and Epson smart glasses

Through the combined work of Acty and Epson, Marchesini has seen significant benefits within his service:

  • Improved first-time fix rates
  • Reduced resolution time
  • More productive, efficient, and scalable support
  • Remote mentoring of new technicians
  • Accelerated technical training
Giorgio Nepa CEO

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