Dental mentoring and remote training for dentists with Tootor

Acty e Tootor: formazione medica e remote mentoring per i dentisti

The value of medical education in dentistry

Continuing education is a necessary part of ensuring excellent medical care for patients. Still, very often in the dental field, training requires extraordinary effort, and practicing dentists, new graduates, and dental office assistants staff find it difficult to obtain consistent access to practical dental education courses.

There is a need for a new way of delivering skills and competencies and managing learning and training. The traditional paradigm of in-person courses is being increasingly replaced by platforms that offer remote training, which allows people to take classes online from the comfort of home.

Tootor: the Netflix for dentists

Tootor is the dental remote mentoring streaming platform aimed at bridging the educational gaps of new graduates and the continuing education needs of more seasoned professionals, dentists, and dental office assistants.

A pioneering innovation project that stands out from the competition. The training model has been completely rethought by eliminating the “lecturer in the chair” in favor of more hands-on use, relying on the remote video training model.

In the first 15 months, Tootor gathered more than 6,500 subscribers, with over 300 videos uploaded and 15 new releases per month in 3 languages: Italian, English, and Spanish.

Remote training through the eyes of the clinician

All video content within the platform explains and shows in practice how interventions are approached and is recorded directly on the patient or manikin.

To facilitate training and put the user at the center, all videos are made in close-up and supported by a voice-over that explains the operations the clinician performs step by step. The average length of the videos is 20 minutes, and they are optimized to see step by step what tools the clinician is using and thus jump from one phase of the intervention to another without wasting time.

All this keeps the interest level high and enables remote training without distraction.

Challenges in dental education

  • Improving service by providing various levels of training
  • Real-time training in augmented reality
  • Internationalizing the service

Remote mentoring for dental education with Acty

In collaboration with Acty, augmented reality distance training software, the biggest innovation for dental training has been launched: Tootor AR: a remote mentoring app that takes advantage of augmented reality technology.

Thanks to Tootor AR, the clinician is more active and participatory. The clinician will not perform the surgery alone but will wear smart glasses and be assisted live and remotely by the mentor, who will follow the surgery step by step, showing exactly what needs to be done.

The user will have a dual view: from above, thanks to the fixed external camera that frames the patient’s mouth, and from the clinician’s point of view, thanks to the smart glasses worn during the procedure. This gives the user the feeling of being alongside leading professionals in the field.

Within the app, it is possible to send directions and images in real-time and interact with professionals worldwide using an automatic translator.

We are proud and excited to start this collaboration with Tootor to offer our expertise and technologies to digitize the training processes of the dentistry of the future,” said Giorgio Nepa, CEO of Icona Technology SpA, “Our commitment to this partnership reflects our belief that Acty and augmented reality functions, combined with smart glasses, represent a great opportunity for dentists who will thus be able to achieve distance learning, with the same quality, while remaining in their practice. In short, remote dental mentoring, without limits.”

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