Augmented Reality, translations, and chat! Discover the 3.0 release

Acty augmented reality software

With great pleasure, we introduce the incredible new features of Acty 3.0, which introduces Augmented Reality, making collaboration between experts and technicians in the field even more accessible.

The Augmented Reality functions allow optimal and more precise tracking in drawing and directions. A Meeting function and an Augmented Reality Annotation Object Palette have also been added, making it easier for the expert to tell the field technician were to operate and what to do. In addition, with Instant Translation, you can now communicate directly with a customer or colleague in Acty Chat with instant text and voice translation, available in over 60 languages.

Augmented Reality Indications

The introduction of Augmented Reality characterizes the new Acty 3.0 release. This feature allows us to take a significant step forward in facilitating collaboration between experts and technicians in the field. The Augmented Reality functions allow a more precise tracking in the drawing and in the indications that are made in reality, and so it joins the Freeze mode already present in Acty.

Drawing and indicating in Augmented Reality exponentially increases comprehension. All support takes place live, and directions are provided by framing a machine or plant, which will latch onto the framed object and remain fixed in space.
This mode allows having excellent fruition of the information. For example, suppose a technician is operating with a smartphone. In that case, he observes the indications, moves the direction of the camera, or leans the smartphone, resuming the first shot, the drawing made reappears at the same point as it is anchored in reality.

Live indications in Augmented Reality.

Palette of objects in Augmented Reality

During the execution of remote support, maintenance, or other activities, very often, it is not easy to give precise indications by drawing freehand. To facilitate the modalities with which the expert indicates to the technician on the field were to operate and what to do, a palette has been inserted to use ready-made objects to give indications both in AR and Freeze mode. In particular, in the palette, it is possible to use the following:

  • arrows for indications
  • danger and warning symbols
  • geometric shapes
  • textual indications
  • freehand drawing

“With this release and the introduction of Augmented Reality, we are taking a major, innovative and effective leap forward in the quality of support our customers can offer in their remote support operations.”

Francesco Riglietti – Product Manager


To improve the collaboration between expert and technician and to decrease the resolution time, especially when there is the need to involve more experts, maybe from different parts of the world, to verify a problem in the field, the Meeting functionality has been introduced. It will be possible to connect several experts simultaneously, who will be able to see and talk and therefore assist the same customer in a meeting.

Drawing in meetings in freeze mode and AR mode

In addition to audio-video communication during the meeting session, the drawing function can be used to provide further indications and explanations. Concerning interaction, only the first expert is allowed to start the drawing functions. Still, once the function is activated, the same functions can be used by all the participants in the meeting. The experts will be able to use the drawing palette simultaneously, and each expert will be distinguished with a different color to help improve understanding of the directions.

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Instant Translations

Relating to a foreign client or colleague has never been easier; instant translation is now integrated into Acty chat! Translation can be done in two ways.

Text Translation

Text Translation allows the expert to set their own and the customer’s language to send chat messages automatically translated and displayed by Acty. This mode of interaction is available in more than 60 languages, making it much easier to talk to customers in foreign countries with whom you need to interact for service activities, even when they speak different languages.

Voice Translation

Voice translation can also be used outside of chat; it is available during an assistance session and is activated by the expert who, when setting up the automatic translation of chat messages, automatically enables voice translation buttons for both him and the customer.

It is used in the same way as a walkie-talkie; when the expert or customer continuously presses the button for automatic voice translation, they activate the native language recognition function set by the expert during the translation activation phase, they can speak, and when the button has released the system proposes the recognized text.

Then, after an automatic or manual confirmation, the text is sent to the translator, who converts it into audio and sends it to the expert or client in the set language.

Automatic voice translation is a free feature for up to 180 minutes per month per expert. You must enter your contact credentials with Google, the translation service provider, into Acty for greater use.

Translation into Acty

Group Chat

This new customization lets you create and manage group chats where each expert can send and receive messages or photos to allow communication between technicians. These groups are of two types:

  • public: they are made by the system admin, who can define the experts to associate with the chat to appear inside the room with a different graphic style. Each expert can enter the chat and send and receive messages and photos.
  • private: are created by a single expert who becomes the chat administrator and can invite other experts to participate. If they accept, they see the chat content and can post and receive messages and photos. With administrator credentials, the expert can appoint other chat participants as administrators to allow them to invite other experts.

The system administrator has access to both types of chat.

“A single tool to quickly reach all your team members, either individually or in organized groups, turning your work into a faster operation.”

Francesco Riglietti, Product Manager

Machinery and Service Tags

To facilitate the census of machines that receive video support remotely, two fields have been added to the support tab that allows the following attributes to be associated with each support:

  • The type/family of machinery towards which this assistance has been carried out: the list can be loaded manually through administration and managed by the expert so that it is possible to make statistics on the progress of the assistance by type/family of machinery.
  • A tag or a set of tags that characterize the assistance: the list of tags can be entered manually by the administration and, also, in this case, it is possible to perform statistics, such as recognizing assistance due to problems on the machine, lack of knowledge of the machine by the customer or incorrect use of the same.

File Transfer

During a support session with a customer or technician in the field, in addition to sharing and displaying a window containing a web page or file in real-time, the ability to send and then transfer documents and files to the customer’s smartphone or tablet in the field through Acty chat has been added.

With this extension, the expert can increase the potential of his interaction with the Client, not limiting himself to the transfer of images only but also being able to send a link to download the documentation locally and to open and view it even offline.

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