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Augmented Reality software for remote guidance

Acty is the augmented reality software for remote video assistance that allows you to see with the eyes of your technicians in the field. The Augmented Reality features integrated into Acty allow you to guide technicians step by step during service interventions and solve problems in real-time. Thanks to the use of smart glasses, remote experts can work hands-free, accurately diagnose the critical issue, find a solution, shorten the time to understand the problem, and avoid unnecessary travel expenses.

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30% increase in first-time fix rate

Highly accurate remote diagnostics. Understand the problem immediately and provide precise visual instructions in real-time to your field technician.

50% improvement in resolution time

Reduce your service response time, avoid costly travel to support your customers, and solve problems remotely. Minimize downtime.

20% saving on travel costs

Provide remote support by creating an additional support channel that will allow you to reduce the travel of your experts and start measuring the support you provide.

25% enhancement in customer satisfaction

Assist your customers in minutes. Provide the expertise of the remote expert and solve problems in real-time, guiding your customers step-by-step to problem resolution through augmented reality.

Industry leaders use Acty

Schneider Electric

Take your remote support to the next level!

See how our customers are using the augmented reality software Acty for provide remote support around the world, improving their service!

Salvagnini remote support with acty


KKT remote support with acty

KKT Chillers

CAT remote support with acty

CGT – CAT distributor

Augmented Reality for your reality

Many companies like yours use AR augmented reality software to add value and increase the productivity of their service. Find out how to improve service and remote support in your industry!

Let the numbers speak. Acty, the Augmented Reality software, delivers real results.




Transfers saved per year


Video assistance performed per year


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Smart glasses – your extra hand while you work

Keep your hands free to encourage safety and efficiency. Acty’s software runs on the best AR glasses on the market.

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