Digital work instructions to guide your technicians in the field

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Create a connected workforce with step-by-step directions

Digital Work Instructions are the electronic evolution of quality workflows, procedures and manuals that give field technicians all the information they need to perform complex tasks in real time. Every task that is carried out is then recorded and tracked so that you always have everything under control. With Acty you have an editor with which to build them, using all the documentation you already have, inserting photos, videos, audio recordings, graphics, floor plans, but above all, tying each instruction to a specific machine. And so, through the QRCode, your client will have all the work instructions always at hand!

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A smarter workflow


Frame the QRCode, view the Digital Work Instructions available for that machine, navigate the sections, choose the one to perform. Perform on your own.


Activate the Work Instruction, follow the step-by-step workflow, fill in checkboxes, answer questions, read and watch photos and videos. Easy.


Work independently, make instructions easily available to even less experienced technicians. And if something goes wrong, call with Acty.


You automatically receive, at the end of each Work Instruction executed, a report with which to know how, who and when it was done. It’s a value!

The choice of leaders in manufacturing

Schneider Electric

Digital Work Instructions for error-free operations


Work safely, carry out maintenance activities by making personal protection instructions available to technicians. Remind them of the importance.


Carry out maintenance tasks independently, following instructions, choosing from those available for that machine. Easy, useful.


Upload manuals and view only those for a specific machine, immediately and easily. Having them available at all times makes it easy for you.


Access instructions when there are problems to be solved effectively and expeditiously without worrying about contacting Service. Much better.

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Create Work Instructions on your own or we can do it for you

The importance of combining remote service with the opportunity to offer the customer Digital Work Instructions bring significant benefits as they help technicians perform quality maintenance operations with detailed visual instructions. Obviously, they have to be built, which is why, in order to make this process as easy as possible, Acty provides software to easily build them, taking advantage of all available documentation. But this operation could be time-consuming and defocusing, and so should you have the interest but not the time to devote we have thought of making them for you. In the style of our business model, it is a specific package proposal. Don’t worry, we will help you.

Digital Work Instructions in Augmented Reality for Industry.

Many companies use Acty’s step-by-step directions in AR to add value to their service and maintenance activities, and increase their productivity. Find out how to improve your service!

Let the numbers speaks


reduction of resolution time


increase in first-time fix


savings on travel costs