QR Code and Guest Access! Discover the 6.0 release

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We’re very excited to announce the latest release of Acty 6.0.

By popular demand, we have implemented the guest access feature and the QR Code function. Activating it is now very easy and will allow you to quickly display the information of the machine you want to service. You can also customize the QR Code with text and your own icon if you have the SkinApp, and also integrate it with external systems. Finally, enjoy Act’s new graphics with an improved login screen, which is now more intuitive and modern.


Guest access in video assistance meetings

In Acty release 6.0, we have finally created guest access, which allows, during a service, to invite an expert colleague or a technician from another company to participate in the meeting even without an Acty license. During a support session, it will be possible to activate the meeting function and invite anyone to participate simply by sending them the link obtained with the appropriate button in the meeting management interface.

In this way, those who receive the link will be able to participate in the meeting by seeing everything that happens and participating in the conversation, and seeing the directions in augmented reality. This feature is available for Floating licenses, and for each license, you can invite up to 3 guests for a maximum of 10 participants to the meeting.

Remote assistance access invitations also via e-mail

To improve your customers’ engagement, you can now invite them to log in to Acty, not only with SMS but also by emailing them!

It will be possible to generate this invitation while keeping the expert’s contact information confidential, ensuring that contact between technician and expert is always through company-controlled channels to avoid losing tracking.

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QR Code

Machine data visualization with QR Code

The QR Code function has been improved thanks to your feedback; we have added the possibility to display information about the machine you want to service. To activate this feature, fill in the notes field on the QR Code to automatically link the call data within the service record.

Imports, customizations, and integrations

Finally, to facilitate the work of creating QR Codes, we have added the ability to perform a massive import from an Excel spreadsheet, customize the text above and below the QR Code, customize the icon (if you have the SkinApp), and finally, made available API to create Acty QR Codes generated by external systems.

Acty QRCode per assistenza remota sui macchinari
Customize the text and logo of your QR Code

User Experience – UX

New graphic design

As part of Acty’s continuous improvement, we have revamped the login screen, making it simpler and more modern.

Contextual help

Acty has been thought from the beginning to be very easy to use but wants to improve the knowledge of the software over time. A help button has been inserted in the main screens that give you a graphic illustration of the main functions on the screen you are viewing.

Help in Acty

Minor Functions

Last, many minor improvements:

  • possibility of making Single Sign On (SSO) mandatory for all experts in the company
  • the request of the GPS position automatically at the start of the assistance,
  • possibility of deleting non-useful photos and videos from an assistance card.
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