Google Glass Enterprise EE2

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 line prioritizes a small profile along with its usability. Using their experience with the first generation of AR glasses, Google designed the Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for professional use. Whether you need to share training videos or quality checklists, the greater intelligence and more powerful technology of these AR glasses can help you do just that.

They feature a monocular display and can be worn all day thanks to their comfortable and lightweight design. They also possess a remarkable battery life that can be quickly recharged via the USB-C port.

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Glass Enterprise Edition 2

The perfect combination of software and smart glasses to improve your service!

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“With the use of Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, we can support our strategy by offering technology that enables workers to be more agile and effective in their work, whether on the factory floor, in the warehouse or in the field.”

Francesco Riglietti CTO

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