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Smart Glasses Iristick H1

The Iristick H1 are smart glasses designed specifically for industrial environments, such as manufacturing and logistics, where safety, comfort, and reliability are paramount. Equipped with a dual central camera and a stable, 3-axis adjustable display, the Iristick H1 smart glasses give a true view of the operator’s perspective. And with 6x optical zoom, field technicians can maintain a safe distance while sharing critical details with remote experts.

Compatible with Acty, they allow performing remote maintenance, control on production lines, and inspections.

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Iristick H1: leverage the power of your smartphone

The greatest feature of the Iristick H1 smart glasses is that these wearable devices leverage the power of your iOS and Android smartphones. Simply connect them to your smartphone and start working, without having to learn how to use a new device! This will reduce deployment costs and increase battery life.

Easy to fit on your personal DPI

The Iristick H1 smart glasses are lightweight, well-balanced and IP67 certified for use in dusty, dirty, and outdoor environments. Unlike other devices, Iristick’s smart glasses are not worn by the technician but clipped to their safety helmet or other standard or custom PPE. This makes working all day more comfortable because the technician wearing the Iristick H1 will not have to “bear” the weight of the device.

Iristick H1 technical specifications

  • Weight: 168 g
  • Battery life: 5h+ at full performance
  • OS: iOS 12.0 & Android 8
  • Display: 428 x 240 WQVGA
  • Audio: quad microphone array for voice commands and echo cancellation
  • Camera: 2x central 16MP 4:3 aspect ratio camera
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of the connected smartphone


  • IP67 certification

Check out the technical specifications of the Iristick H1 smart glasses.

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