Remote Assistance with Vuzix M400

Smart Glasses Vuzix M400

Vuzix M400 smart glasses, with their lightweight and comfortable fit that you can wear all day, are ideal for business use. With a low profile, automatic data collection, and hot-swappable batteries, these wearable devices are a valuable asset in any business application. Their design has been reinforced and waterproofed for wide-ranging applications in harsh environments such as factories or construction sites.

Remote assistance with smart glasses

Our remote assistance software “Acty” works seamlessly with Vuzix M400. It can help you with field service operations, maintenance, onboarding and training.

Discover how smart glasses can help you with remote assistance

Industry leaders use Vuzix and Acty

Schneider Electric

Vuzix M400: upgraded camera and display

First, the improved camera has increased scanning performance and telepresence capabilities. The camera’s 12.8 megapixels allow the M400 Vuzix to transmit images of the highest quality.

The upgraded display with a high-contrast OLED panel will give you a more advanced Augmented Reality experience with less battery consumption. In conclusion, the hot-swap allows you to replace the battery without shutting down, allowing workers to finish their work without interruption. This means users can easily swap out batteries on the fly. The internal battery on Vuzix devices makes this possible, which means zero downtime for users.

Better user experience

The M400 Vuzix smart glasses are designed to deliver an immersive user interface (UI) experience.
Immersive user interface with native voice processing, motion tracking, and head movement tracking.

The SXR1 platform enables efficient on-device processing of learning algorithms. This can help with key Augmented Reality (AR) use cases such as pose prediction, object classification, etc.

Acty and Vuzix

Acty is remote video service software designed to work seamlessly with Vuzix M400 and Vuzix M4000 models. Augmented Reality features built into Acty allow technicians to be guided step-by-step during service interventions and troubleshoot problems in real time. Acty is an official partner of Vuzix in providing professional devices for augmented reality.

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