Salvagnini innovates with remote technical support

Salvagnini e Acty

Salvagnini now leverages Acty’s remote technical support

To provide the innovation, expertise, and service its sheet metal customers depend on, Salvagnini has introduced remote technical support into its Service and Maintenance business processes with Acty’s Augmented Reality technology.

The machine manufacturer recognized that Acty’s intuitive and functional technology would help Salvagnini’s experts quickly provide cost-effective remote support to thousands of customers.

Salvagnini innovates with remote technical support

Salvagnini: a world leader in the design of sheet metal working machine tools

For over 50 years, Salvagnini has been designing, manufacturing, and selling flexible machines and systems for sheet metal processing: punching machines, paneling machines, press brakes, fiber laser cutting machines, FMS lines, automatic warehouses, and software.

The Salvagnini Group has a global presence and widespread coverage, guaranteed by 23 operating companies that deal exclusively with sales and technical support. These are located all over the world and are complemented by service centers located in as many countries.

  • 5 manufacturing plants
  • 23 operational sites specializing in sales and customer support
  • 1750 employees
  • 389 € turnover
  • 7000 installations (of which more than 3600-panel benders)

Salvagnini’s Service

Salvagnini focuses its energies on making Service an integral part of the company. Daily, it strives to translate every problem into a real solution: a range of benefits designed for the customer, with the customer.

With a constantly growing fleet, it was necessary to ensure the core value of proximity to the customer, without negatively impacting resources, by adopting an innovative solution to increase the efficiency of remote technical support.

There was a need to identify an agile tool that would connect the company’s technicians with customers and colleagues worldwide; a system that would enable timely action on a malfunction or failure even remotely.

Salvagnini’s service challenges

  • Shift to proactive from reactive maintenance
  • More effectively and cost-efficiently support customers worldwide
  • Prevent and better address machine malfunction and failure
  • Enhance customer relationships

“We needed a solution that would connect our technicians with customers in an agile, efficient manner. The Acty software delivered immediate results reducing telephone support intervention times by more than 50%.”

Mauro Maranzan – Service Manager, Salvagnini

Benefits gained by Salvagnini through remote technical support

Primarily, the Acty solution enabled Salvagnini to achieve:

  • Proactive and preventive maintenance
  • Increases first-time fix rate
  • Shorter time to resolution
  • Maximizes Salvagnini and customer productivity
  • Decreases the cost of service and support

But it doesn’t end there! Download the entire case study below to learn how Salvagnini has fully optimized its Service!

Giorgio Nepa CEO

Download the complete Case Study of Salvagnini

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