Your definitive guide for industrial augmented reality (IAR)

Industries such as machinery and plants for manufacturing, energy and field services face daily risks due to the intricacy of operations and the hazardous nature of their working environments.
The introduction of Industrial Augmented Reality (IAR) offers a transformative solution to these challenges, enhancing safety, efficiency, and precision.

There are different types of Augmented Reality, classified by the way it is initiated (trigger) and by the tracking of the experience:

  • Augmented reality on markers
  • Augmented reality on images (Image tracking)
  • Location-based augmented reality (geo positioned AR)
  • Augmented reality on surfaces (so called World tracking or SLAM)
  • Acty’s IAR solutions for complex environments

    Acty’s innovative approach to industrial augmented reality focuses on providing immediate, tangible benefits in environments where safety risks and operational complexities are prevalent.
    The integration of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology through smart glasses in Acty’s remote support stands out as reference point in augmented reality for companies.

    Such an approach is particularly transformative in industries characterized by high-risk and complex operations: by providing real-time, augmented guidance, Acty significantly reduces the margin for error, enabling safer and more efficient completion of tasks. This is particularly beneficial for maintenance, operation, and repair (MOR) tasks, where real-time troubleshooting can significantly reduce downtime and mitigate risks​​.

    Go beyond challenging environments problems with AR Remote Support and discover how to provide fast remote support for complex machinery maintenance and troubleshooting

    High-performing operational instructions overlaid on the machinery

    In industries where the margin for error is minimal, and the cost of mistakes can be catastrophic, Acty’s application of IAR is particularly beneficial. By providing step-by-step guidance directly overlaid on the machinery, workers and field technicians can perform maintenance, operation, and repairs more safely and efficiently.

    SLAM technology enhances the ability of AR systems to understand and map the environment in real-time, enabling more accurate and contextually relevant information overlays. This elevates the precision of remote assistance but also opens up new possibilities for navigating and interacting with complex industrial environment.

    Discover how to provide step-by-step work instructions on the machinery and improve industrial augmented reality impact with smart glasses

    Improving safety and operational efficiency

    As industries continue to evolve, the integration of technologies like AR and SLAM through Acty platform will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of industrial operations.

    By enhancing safety, streamlining complex operations, and offering unparalleled precision, Acty’s industrial augmented reality solutions are setting new benchmarks for operational excellence in dangerous and intricate working environments.

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