Fast remote video support for complex machinery maintenance and troubleshooting

Remote video support with acty

Industrial automation companies face unique challenges that demand innovative solutions to address manufacturing machinery and field maintenance complexities. Acty, the leading remote visual assistance software, emerges as a game-changer in this domain, solving specific pain points such as providing effective remote video support.

Machinery remote video assistance

In industrial automation, machinery is often intricate and requires precise maintenance and troubleshooting. Traditional methods can lead to extended downtimes and high costs due to the complexity of these machines.

Acty stands out as an augmented reality (AR) remote visual support software able to guide field technicians in real-time. Integrating user manuals and technical schematics directly into the software, enriched with diagrams and video tutorials, empowers technicians with immediate, detailed guidance. This reduces downtime in manufacturing and ensures that complex service and maintenance processes are performed more efficiently and with fewer errors​​.

Discover Remote Video Support for industial automation and how to reduce machine downtime in manufacturing

Visual on-site assistance

Technicians on the field often need both hands to work on machinery, making it challenging to refer to manuals or traditional support tools.
Industrial smart glasses for visual remote assistance allow for a completely hands-free visual assistance experience, enabling technicians to receive step-by-step instructions and visual support directly in their field of view without hampering their ability to work effectively​​.

Accelerating access to accurate instructions enables identifying and resolving issues for improved troubleshooting management. Specific instructions, diagrams, and video tutorials can be provided for each machine.

Discover how to integrate remote assistance software with industrial smart glasses and optimize operations on the machinery with step-by-step work instructions

Overcome geographical and expertise limitations

Accessing expert support in remote or diverse locations can be time-consuming and expensive, especially when specialized knowledge is required for specific machinery.

The remote augmented reality features of Acty permit experts to provide remote video support from anywhere in the world. Using AR technologies, experts can deliver instructions and visual support, overcoming geographical constraints and ensuring the right expertise is available at the right time​​.

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