Benefits of AR Remote Assistance in Packaging Machines

Acty’s AR remote assistance emerges as an effective solution to address issues that characterize packaging machines industry: from machine downtime and technical complexities to the need for rapid troubleshooting and environmental sustainability.

Streamlined operations and reduced downtime

Imagine a scenario where a high-speed labeling machine begins mislabeling products due to a calibration fault. In a conventional setting, production would halt until a specialized technician could arrive, diagnose, and solve the issue. Traditional troubleshooting methods are time-consuming and often require in-person expert intervention, which is not always feasible or efficient.

Implementing AR remote assistance in the packaging industry allows remarkable speed to avoid prolonged downtime, directly impacting productivity and operational costs. With Acty remote support, technicians can receive real-time remote assistance, leading to the immediate resolution of machinery problems.

Through the combined work of Acty and smart glasses, Marchesini Group, leader in packaging machines solutions, has seen significant benefits within his service: reduced resolution time, more productive and scalable support, and decrease of intervention times.

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Cost reduction through optimized maintenance

By facilitating remote assistance, Acty eliminates the need for experts to travel to different sites for diagnostic or repair work.
Moreover, its capabilities extend to preventive maintenance, where remote technicians can guide on-site personnel through maintenance procedures, ensuring machines operate smoothly and reducing the likelihood of future breakdowns.

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Improve your After-Sales Service with Acty

Acty’s remote support in Augmented Reality not only reduces operational costs but also supports environmental sustainability by cutting down on travel-related emissions. Addressing the core challenges of machine maintenance, training, and operational efficiency, Acty enables companies to leverage the full potential of their technological investments in packaging field.

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