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Packaging Machines

What's the point of producing machines that process 500 pieces per minute if there's a machine stoppage for whole days to handle a fault or maintenance? The remote video assistance software Acty improves efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures excellent support in the field of packaging machines.

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Speed of intervention with remote assistance in Augmented Reality

The main themes in the world of packaging are: working at high speeds and environmental sustainability.

Acty allows for rapid intervention, as, thanks to Augmented Reality remote support, it optimizes operations and enhances after-sales service on machinery installed at clients.

Furthermore, by operating remotely, there is a reduction in travel and, therefore, a reduction in pollutant emissions and traffic on the roads.

Success story

Watch the video related to the case history of Marchesini Group, a company specialized in the production of packaging machines and complete production lines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic world. Marchesini Group boasts a significant international presence, exporting as much as 90% of its machines to various parts of the world, including Europe, China, the United States, and South America.

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Main use cases of Augmented Reality in packaging production:


Real-time remote interventions for the immediate resolution of machinery problems.


Reduced operating costs as machine downtime is minimal.


Overcoming language barriers for foreign client support.


Acty allows for providing checklists and quality procedures directly to machine operators.


Without the need to send technicians on-site, manage support across different time zones.


Plan and execute preventive maintenance remotely more efficiently.

Digital work instructions for maintenance and audits

Work Instructions is a module of Acty designed to create sequential instructions, optimizing the work of technicians operating directly on machines. They support those providing remote assistance to resolve malfunctions.

Work instructions are extremely useful for companies in the packaging sector, where quality is essential. Besides maintenance and troubleshooting, Acty also allows for providing checklists and quality procedures directly to on-site operators. It’s also possible to track the execution of the work to ensure high standards.

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Smart Glasses for 3D Augmented Reality Assistance

Technicians equipped with Smart Glasses receive immediate instructions to intervene on the machine, accelerating the diagnosis and resolution of faults, minimizing machine downtime.

The instructions include symbols, texts, and even 3D objects, fully leveraging the capabilities of our Acty remote assistance software. Moreover, the use of Smart Glasses reduces the risk of human errors during machine maintenance, enhancing workplace safety.

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Boost Your After-Sales Service

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Service Hub: Web Portal for Customer Support

Service Hub is a valuable asset for companies specializing in the production of packaging machines. It simplifies the customer support process, reducing operational costs. Service Hub provides continuous support available 24/7, ensuring operators and technicians can access assistance when needed, anywhere in the world.

Additionally, Service Hub allows companies to generate recurring revenue by monetizing post-sales support.

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