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Production and distribution of energy has been growing for years, not only in the traditional power plant and distribution systems, but also in the range of renewable energies such as solar, wind, hydroelectric and heat pump technology. It becomes crucial to reach rural and off-grid areas all over ther world with Acty remote assistance solutions.

Remote Support in off-grid and rural areas

Access to technical support for energy infrastructure maintenance and troubleshooting can be a significant challenge in extreme working enviroments.

Delivering remote assistance in energy sector with Augmented Reality remote support software, results in a game-changer for companies that manufacture machinery and offer field maintenance services worlwide.

Acty provides intuitive, efficient, and easy-to-use AR remote support for energy plants optimization: companies streamline complex processes, cut costs and boosts customer satisfaction by ensuring immediate access to expert support, overcoming geographic barriers.

Problem-solving, training and maintenance with Work Instructions for energy companies

With Digital Work Instructions procedures energy companies can create detailed, step-by-step instructions for field technicians and operators appointed for plants maintenance.

Performing operational instructions  are indispensable in remote areas, where conventional support methods are often impractical. Companies can overcome time/costs related to training and troubleshooting, also ensuring that periodic maintenance operations are carried out properly.

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Main use cases of Remote Support in Energy industry


Companies oversee the installation process from afar, ensuring that everything is done efficiently.


Address customers issues and queries enhancing customer satisfaction.


Monitor the performance of energy systems, analyze data, and provide insights.


In case of power failure or natural disaster, remote support can provide immediate assistance to on-site personnel.


For on-site workers, providing them with step-by-step guidance and real-time feedback.


Real time support for best-practices, useful in remote or hazardous environments.

Go beyond challenging environments problems with AR Remote Support

By adopting Acty, energy companies can ensure their field technicians are always equipped with the most current information and support, improving efficiency and operational performance.

3D Augmented Reality and automatic translation functions are immediately available, ensuring that expert assistance is just a click away, regardless of geographical limitations.

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Smart Glasses: hands-free remote assistance

By using Smart Glasses the technician operates hands-free on the energy plant, receiving real-time support on how to intervene. 

Acty is compatible with all main models of industrial smart glasses, this integration reduce the risk of human errors in particular in harsh enviroments.

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Optimize your off-grid energy plants presence

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Service Hub web portal to support your customers

Service Hub significantly upgrades customer service in the Energy sector. It enables industrial and manufacturing companies to provide round-the-clock support, crucial for businesses with plants installed globally and manage support across multiple time zones.

Service Hub is a comprehensive web portal that enhances customer service efficiency, offering AR remote support, constantly updated manuals, maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting assistance.

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